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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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MadKudu for Marketing Leaders

find where your growth opportunities exist

You've got an Inbound funnel, an ABM funnel, a PLG funnel, an Outbound Funnel. Or some combination of that. MadKudu takes the data from your multi-funnel approach and shows you where you need to spend your time.

“Massive increase in pipeline”

Since implementing Madkudu we have seen a 60% increase in pipeline from PQLs and a 20% increase in ARR from our ABM motion. We are continuing to expand our use of MadKudu to all our go-to-market motions

TJ Nokelby, Director of Demand Generation, Lucid

Simplify your complex funnel

With an ever growing list of sources—product data, ABM, inbound, outbound—it can be nearly impossible to see a complete picture of your viable pipeline. Achieve predictability with your 1st party data with 3rd party demographic data to truly uncover which leads will convert.

Focus your teams on what matters

Now more than ever marketing teams are being asked to do less with more. Align your marketing and sales teams around evidence-based lead and account scoring to remove friction and drive more revenue.

Get the most out of all your pipeline

Most teams find that less than 10% of leads make up 90% of revenue. Get the most out of your pipeline by uncovering all potential revenue and sending only the best leads over to sales.

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