Madkudu for Marketing

Add predictive Intelligence to Your Marketing Strategy

MadKudu adds predictive intelligence and proactive prioritization to your marketing campaigns. We help you talk to prospects when the time is just right— increasing engagements with the right accounts.
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100+ hours saved
57% more revenue with 46% less leads
2x more qualified opportunities

Hit Revenue Goals & Align Revenue Teams

Take the guesswork out of quarterly planning

Access rich insights to build a smarter, unified go-to-market strategy and a data-driven ideal customer profile.
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Build segmentations based on fit & engagement

Mobilize the revenue team around high-value prospects and personalize campaigns based on where prospects are in their buying journey.
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Maximize channel conversion

Stop relying on leading indicators, like numbers of leads generated to decide which channels are working. Allocate spend based on the channels driving real revenue.
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Back up your impact with data

See exactly where your revenue came from, what actions helped generate it, and what didn't. Course correct based on what’s working, and see.
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Revenue win, not GTM waste

Learn how your team can deliver revenue reliably and efficiently by prioritizing the right revenue-generating actions.
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We work in your flow

MadKudu is deeply embedded in leading sales and marketing platforms so you can focus on generating revenue and not on switching tabs and logging into tools.
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Most popular use cases

Noise off. Focus on.

Learn how MadKudu can help you prioritize actions that'll drive revenue.
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