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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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MadKudu for Marketing ops

a glass box scoring model built alongside you

No more black box scoring models, no engineers needed. MadKudu integrates your product, marketing, & sales data to build your model while allowing you to understand the inputs & change what you want along the way.

“40% increase in pipeline generated”

MadKudu’s automatic understanding of the best leads and their ACV has enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound lead volume for our sales team and close business much more efficiently.

Jack Moberger, Marketing And Strategy At Appcues

Own Your Scoring Model

Stop waiting weeks for engineering to make changes to your scoring model. With the MadKudu, you can easily create model overrides, build computations and aggregations, evaluate model performance by segment, and much more.

Gain The Trust Of Your Sales Team

Provide context behind your lead and account scoring by surfacing relevant details like what technologies a company is using, what roles they are hiring for, key behaviors in the product — that quickly tell sales why a lead or account is qualified.

Support The Complexities Of Your Business

With MadKudu, you can create multiple scoring models to support different go-to-market motions, geographies, and more. Create as many models as you need to keep up with sales feedback and your rapidly changing business.

No More Guesswork: Finding True PQLs

To understand engagement and identify true PQLs, you need to identify the statistical correlation between events and actual conversions at the lead and account levels. MadKudu processes your product data from sources like Segment or Amplitude and your data warehouse (Snowflake, Redshift, etc.) to find critical milestones in the journey that warrant action.

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