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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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MadKudu for Product-led growth

find your best PQAs & PQLs

MadKudu enables smart scoring and segmentation to increase inbound conversion rates and close more deals.

“Enabling Us To 80:20 Demand Across Growth, Marketing And Sales”

MadKudu has enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound funnel of free signups. This has allowed us to dramatically increase the performance of our business development function along with enabling marketing and growth teams to use a scoring architecture across our Martech. The possibilities of what can be achieved with this tool span far far beyond lead scoring!

Darcy  M., Growth Marketer

Empower sales with product usage data

Easily connect with your data warehouse and surface the most relevant signals to your sellers inside the tools they use everyday. No more time lost working with data science teams or trying to hack together disparate data points.

identify true pQLs

Determine the product events that statistically correlate to conversions and confidently identify what a true product qualified lead is for your business. Capitalize on critical moments to turn trial users into paying customers.

From PQA to paying Customers

Tell sales when an account is ready to become an enterprise customer, and who within the account is the most likely influencer, buyer, or admin.

data driven pLG Campaigns

Increase conversion rates and reduce acquisition costs by leveraging the most relevant messaging. Empower marketing with realtime product engagement and user profile data, eliminating spray and pray campaigns that tarnish your brand's reputation.

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