MadKudu Topical Enrichment

Enrich your leads with the relevant information your sales team needs to close more

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"MadKudu's topical enrichment are the eyes of our sales team. It tells us all we need to know about our leads in order to sell prescriptively"

Guillaume Cabane, VP Growth, Segment

Delight your prospects with a relevant sales process

Give your reps the intel they need to succeed
MadKudu researches all of your B2B leads
If they have a website, MadKudu will find them. MadKudu automates the hard work of manually researching company websites to understand how to pitch them.
MadKudu enriches your leads in your CRM
MadKudu is not yet another firmo/technographics enrichment tool. MadKudu extracts insightful information from the web properties of your leads to augment them consistently and increase your coverage:

- enrich all leads regardless of their size and geography
- make the most of your CRM by ensuring consistent levels of information
- don't miss opportunities for lack of enrichment provider coverage
Run highly targeted outbound campaigns
MadKudu provides a relevant classification of your leads against your core use-cases. Your teams can now run highly relevant campaigns that focus less on the firmographic segmentation of your leads but rather on the value they'd get from your product:

- no more generic emails, increase your brand recognition
- pitch a specific value propositions to increase response rates
- introduce relevant personalization to show you care
Enterprise-grade insights for your teams
MadKudu provides a highly configurable enrichment engine that can help your sales, marketing, product and even data-science team.

- enable consultative selling
- better understand the DNA of your customer base
- available as a standalone API

"By enabling true relevance at scale, MadKudu puts the customer back at the core of sales and marketing efforts"

Hiten Shah, Entrepreneur

Make the most out of your leads

The leading Sales and Marketing teams are achieving high coverage of their financial plans with MadKudu. Learn how.

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