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How is MadKudu different from 6Sense for SDRs and AEs

MadKudu and 6Sense both assist sellers in building more pipeline, but they differ in two key areas:

Real Intent vs. Perceived Intent (Dark Funnel Intent)

6Sense relies on dark funnel intent data, ie. 3rd-party keyword searches  as the primary reason to engage accounts. Sales are rarely happy with this approach as it’s been shown that dark intent doesn't translate into successful sales meetings. Having an unknown person at a company read about a topic does not mean this account is ready for a sales conversation.

MadKudu focuses on gathering verifiable intent signals like website visits, LinkedIn interactions, job openings, product activity, etc to find accounts that are truly in market.

Actionable for Sellers

Identifying accounts that show intent is  the first step. To convert intent into pipeline, one needs to also:

  1. Find the right person within that account to contact,
  2. Craft a message that resonates with the prospect based on the signals available about this prospect.

MadKudu automates these steps through actionable playbooks integrated directly into Salesforce, making it easy for sellers to convert insights into effective sales actions, and then, pipeline.

Most companies find it most effective to use 6Sense for the orchestration of ads campaigns. 

For their sales team, they use MadKudu; they can also send 6Sense intent data to MadKudu as a signal to evaluate and test.

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