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How to make your MQLs actionable for your Sales Team

Most companies send inbound leads to their sales team with some form of qualification mechanism in place. Whether it is as simple as removing spam leads or using an elaborate scoring mechanism, not all of these MQLs should be getting the same sales outreach.

Separate hand raisers from all other MQLs. Qualified hand raisers should have a strict SLA and ideally should be able to book time with a seller right away.

Then, group non-hand raiser MQLs by common activities such as webinar attendees, content downloads, and important website visits (e.g. pricing page).

By grouping MQLs, you can craft relevant outreach messages for each MQL type. This is important because some MQL types might be further into the buying journey than others. Instead of your Sales team being frustrated with MQLs that are not immediately ready to buy, provide them with the tools needed to progress leads further into their respective buying journey.

With MadKudu Copilot you can set up Playbooks for each MQL type. Here are a few examples of different MQL types

  • A lead that became an MQL and has been visiting a lot of integration and resource pages for example would be a Research MQL. Reach with additional resources that might be helpful and offer more personalized help. 
  • A lead with a Buyer persona that is visiting the pricing page would be a Buyer on Pricing Page MQL and needs a different type of outreach than the Research MQL.

Your Sellers experience will go from getting a list of MQLs to getting all their MQL in their Copilot inbox separated into the different ways they should reach out.

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