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Instantly Book Meetings with Qualified Accounts Through Intercom


Instantly qualify your website visitors through the MadKudu fit score and allow qualified leads to automatically book a meeting through the Intercom Messenger.

The app enables you to:

  • Instantly qualify your visitors by using historical and third party data to predict whether or not they should be sent to the Sales team once an email has been identified
  • Trigger a Custom Bot workflow that can send automated messages based on the MadKudu predictive fit score, e.g. send an automated message to book a demo with a sales representative

How to set it up?

Install the app

  1. Install the Intercom / MadKudu app on your instance.
  2. Voila! Once activated, the customer fit scores and segments will be updated for Users and Leads in your Intercom instance.

View your MadKudu scores in the Intercom platform

1.On Intercom, navigate to “Platform”

2. Click on the button to display attributes

3. Select mk_customer_fit_segment and mk_customer_fit_score from the list of Lead/User attributes to display on the interface

4. Voila! You’ll now be able to see MadKudu’s predictions automatically on the interface

Set up the Fastlane for Chatbot workflow

Here’s a video demo to set up the Fastlane for Chat in the Intercom instance.

The instructions to set it up are simple as per below:

  1. Set up a Custom Bot for Visitors
  2. Choose an audience that meets your needsSelect which pages you’d like this bot to be set up onSelect any other traits to look out for, for example: visitor trait or time spent
  3. Design your botSend a hook message that will be the first thing to show to visitors on your website

             1. Send a hook message that will be the first thing to show to visitors on your website

            2. Collect email by adding a datapoint labelled “email”

            3. Send a follow-up message that includes a follow-up action and a rule that “Sends bot message and app” (selecting Calendly as the app) if mk_customer_fit_segment contains good

             4. For the other flows, please set up content accordingly

4. Save the bot and make it live

Now, you are able to qualify meetings directly on the website.

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