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MadKudu Copilot for SDR Managers - how to get started

MadKudu Sales Copilot enables SDR managers to craft and refine effective signal-based sales plays. They ensure their teams consistently engage with prospects using the best strategies. 

The Copilot functions with a set of “playbooks”. A Playbook is:

  • A Trigger: a combination of signals that indicates a seller should prospect an account
  • An Action: a clear guideline on what the Sales rep should do about that prospect

What does that look like in practice? Let’s say that you are a SDR manager. You want your team to consistently go after companies that have a renewal with a competitor coming up. Here is how you can make this happen: 

1. Enter Copilot and create a new playbook. For instance, you can select the ‘Rip and Replace’ play from our playbook library, which gathers all the best playbooks you should leverage.

2. From there, adjust the logic to target specific competitors you want to go after

3. Select the appropriate sequence for that playbook to ensure your team uses the best messaging.

4. Decide which sales reps to share the playbook with—opt for the entire organization or just a select few to get started.

5. Your playbook is now live and your reps can see it in their inbox, with prospects to target based on that signal

6. Over time, you can quickly see which playbooks are effective and make adjustments in seconds—like adjusting the list of competitors in that play.

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