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Monitoring Your SLA


The Hand Raiser SLA Insights report tells you how to make the most out of the leads that are knocking on your door. The report shows you how much pipeline is left on the table from untouched hand raisers, overall touched rate and time to first touch.

The report is catered to the Marketing Ops folks who are looking to put solid foundations in place to drive operational excellence where their most valuable leads (hand raisers) are closely monitored and gaps in execution are identified.

Key insightful tidbits to look out for

1) How much pipeline am I leaving on the table and how do I correct it?
Missed Pipeline from Untouched Leads

This chart looks at recent hand raisers that were not rejected by sales nor touched.
The goal should be to have this graph close to empty as all high value hand raisers should be contacted swiftly by Sales.

Drill-down into the untouched leads


Drill-down aims to surface real examples of leads that make up the “Missed Pipeline from Hand Raisers” chart. The recommended approach is to look at MadKudu-qualified leads that were not touched by Sales to determine if those are expected, and if they are: build an action plan to alert the Sales team.

2) How am I generally performing in terms of SLA?

Touch Rate and Wasted Effort Over Time

This chart aims to show you the weekly trend of Sales touch rate of leads. The goal should be to first ensure all MadKudu-qualified leads are touched then increase overall touch rate if there is capacity.


This chart aims to show you the weekly trend of proportion of leads that are MadKudu-low fit but touched by Sales.  The wasted effort chart should show values only if "touch rate - MKL" is at 100% otherwise it means there is bandwidth to contact more leads and you should focus that effort on MKL.

3) How do I implement improvements to the SLA and what are the expected benefits?

Potential revenue upside every month by implementing stricter SLA

This chart aims to tell you how much more revenue could we get every month from implementing a stricter SLA.

The upside is computed by applying conservative rates:

  • For 'very good' leads contacting them within 5min yields a 3x conversion rate compared 1h+
  • For 'very good' leads contacting them within 5min yields a 2x conversion rate compared 30min-1h
  • For 'good' leads contacting them within 30min increases conversion rate by 80% compared 2h+
  • For 'good' leads contacting them within 30min increases conversion rate by 40% compared 1-2h
  • For 'medium' leads contacting them within 5h increases conversion rate by 15% compared 24h+
Time to First Touch

This chart aims to show you the time taken in minutes to reach first Sales touch (or activity completed) by MadKudu fit segment. The blue line on the chart represents the recommended SLA as per what MadKudu has found to be the industry standard you should look to achieve based on the quality of your leads.

The first touch is computed by looking at the least of:

  • the first time the lead status is changed from 'New' to 'Touched' based on lead status mappings
  • the timestamp of the first completed sales activity tracked in the CRM

In this chart we are looking at the average time to first touch from hand raiser by customer fit over the past 30 days.


Q: How do I get this set up?

As we have released this report on as a Beta, please contact your Customer Success Manager or head into the app -> insights tab, and click 'Request L3 Report to get access to this report.

Q: Is this part of my current subscription?

Yes, this specific report is part of your existing subscription with MadKudu. Moving forward, there will likely be specific reports that will come at a premium.

Q: How is a sales touch defined?

Touch is defined by:

  • In Salesforce:
  • Salesforce task type = 'Call'
  • Salesforce task type = 'Email' or contains ‘email’
  • Salesforce task subject = 'Call'
  • Salesforce task subject contains 'Email'
  • Salesforce task subject contains 'meeting'
  • Salesforce task subject contains 'intercom chat'
  • Salesforce task type contains 'intercom chat'
  • Lead Status (note: the values are customizable to your system) AND,
  • completed Salesforce activities (note: these can be customizable):
  • In HubSpot: defined by a_hs_lead_status field, and the value is taken from the customer’s HubSpot instance (e.g. if a lead status is “New” or “Rejected”, it means that it has been untouched)

Q: How is a hand raiser defined?

Hand raiser is defined by:

  • In Salesforce:
  • Salesforce Campaigns (configurable according to your instance)
  • Salesforce Lead source field (configurable according to your instance)
  • Any event mapped from your data sources connected to MadKudu
  • In HubSpot:
  • HubSpot contacts object based on the recent_conversion_event_name field
  • Any event mapped from your data sources connected to MadKudu

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