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Show sales the reason why a lead gets a certain score

As a Marketing Ops leader, there are many business questions we need to tackle every day. With MadKudu, we help make answering those questions easier.


One of the business questions that we've seen many customers have is:

"How do I update the field that explains why a lead gets a certain score to Sales?"

The trigger for this is that the Sales team sometimes do not understand why MadKudu provides a certain score to the lead and Marketing Ops wants to improve the signals to help empower the Sales team with the right information.

As a Marketing Ops leader, the objective is to improve the signals shown to Sales.

How to do this via the MadKudu platform?

Here's a step by step guide:

(1) Navigate to the Data Science Studio > duplicate the live model you want to improve the signals on > navigate to the duplicated model.

(2) Click on Data Science Studio > Signals.

(3) Once you are on the page, you can decide whether to:

  • Remove the current signals configuration completely and start from scratch, or
  • Add in a new signals category.

(4) For either of those options, you could:

  • Add in a new signal group which will allow for different signal conditions (for example "job title signal")
  • Add in a signal condition
  • Select the appropriate computation, and it's corresponding condition.
  • Input the signal direction: positive (+) or negative (-).
  • Enter the number for priority between 0 to 100. This will determine the order of how the signals will appear in the field.
  • Enter how the signal will look like
  • If the signal should look like a predefined text WITHOUT any dynamic computation value, simply enter the text in the field input and select "NULL" in the last picklist
  • If the signal should look like a predefined text WITH any dynamic computation value, simply enter the text in the field input and select the computation in the last picklist

(5) Once you're happy with the signals configuration, save it.

(6) Head over to the Spot Check tab to test how the new signals configuration looks like. You can make iterations if there are things to be changed.


(7) Once you're satisfied with the Signals, click on deploy as standard fit model. Feel free to reach out to the MadKudu team if you have any questions about the deployment process.

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