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What is signal-based selling

For the past 10 years, sellers have generated pipeline by doing mass cold emailing or calling where a seller reaches out to 1000s of companies who have not shown any interest, using a generic template and script.

The adoption of email and call automation (and soon AI) has completely saturated our buyers’ inboxes.

Mass cold prospecting has stopped working. What’s working? Signal-based selling.

Signal-based selling is about reaching out to prospects when they are most likely to engage in a conversation with you, using the signals available to make the outreach relevant.

With signal-based selling, you’re never reaching out to a prospect without having a good reason to talk.

The approach involves collecting and using key signals, including 1st party (web visits, webinar attendance, product usage, etc.), 2nd party (Slack conversations, social posts), and 3rd party (e.g., job openings, etc.) in order to leverage every opportunity to engage with relevance.

Signal-Based Selling = Timing + Relevance

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