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Value-Based Automation

Customize Every Interaction Based On Lead Value

Use MadKudu’s predicted lead score and expected revenue value to customize the buyer journey, optimize for your best fit leads, and driving down CAC in the process. 
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Optimize Every Marketing Channel With Ease 

Put your predictive model to work by setting up workflows to customize and automate the entire funnel for maximum engagement. MadKudu makes your data values accessible in any platform, meaning you’re able to incorporate it into your workflows however you’d like. The possibilities are endless!
Lead routing / sales

Automate the sales channel and prioritization

Drive higher conversions by automatically prioritizing your best leads and accounts based on fit and behavior.
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Fastlane Qualified Website Visitors

Qualify visitors in real-time and let those that meet your criteria book a meeting directly with your sales team.
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Personalize The Website Experience

Deliver the optimal website experience - and improve the buyer experience - for your target accounts and qualified traffic.
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Optimize the Spend on Digital Ads

Reduce the cost of conversions by only spending ad dollars on leads who are most likely to buy instead of low-value clicks.
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Segment and Retarget Only Qualified Traffic

Increase retargeting click-through rate by bidding higher on qualified traffic that just didn’t convert the first time.
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MadKudu’s Value-Based Automation Capabilities Developed To Accelerate Growth

Personalize The Entire Funnel

MadKudu data values can be leveraged in any software or workflow, making it easy to customize the buyer journey across the entire funnel.

Drive Down CAC

When you know the expected revenue contribution of every lead, you can ensure you’re not overspending, or underspending, to drive conversion and acquire new customers.

Real-Time Updates

Data and buyer intent is constantly changing. MadKudu’s models continuously optimize based on real-time changes so you can rest assured that the data you’re leveraging is accurate.

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