Building Successful PLG: A Playbook for CMOs

As a leader at a Product-Led Growth company, it's your responsibility to translate data into insights. A key piece of developing that data strategy is artificial intelligence (AI). But, when and how should you use it?

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MOPs Confessions 50th Episode: Panel & Family Feud

To celebrate a special milestone, our 50th episode, we are turned MOPs Confessions on its head! We turned this episode into a gameshow featuring a group of our most popular guests, competing to win some eGifts and bragging rights.

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Unlocking Product-Led Growth with Smart Segmentation

Listen in as we discuss with Appcues how to scale your PLG strategy through informed funnel segmentation.

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Users, Buyers, and Accounts: The Heart of Scaling Product-Led Growth

Scaling your PLG funnel and moving beyond reliance on inbound hand-raisers requires a deep understanding of account dynamics. In an enterprise PLG motion, one signup doesn’t tell the whole story. You need a strong understanding of the different players involved to provide the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Are you destroying value in the funnel?

3 out of 4 B2B companies do not have a strict Service Level Agreement process in place that Sales agree with and follow. After working with many different B2B companies, we've cracked a step by step guide on how you can ensure you're delivering value with the leads you bring into the funnel.

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What Sales Actually Thinks of Scoring

Kevin Ellison, both a user and Sales Lead of MadKudu, has seen how lead scores can make or break B2B sales organizations. He shares an unfiltered Sales' perspective of lead scoring, and what marketers can do to build trust with Sales when rolling out lead scores.

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How to Build a Product-Led Growth Funnel

Sam Levan, co-founder of MadKudu has worked with dozens of companies that have built a product-led motion on top of the inbound channel, and has seen both success and failures. Here are the two things Sam recommends you avoid when building your own product-led growth funnel.

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Sasha Samoilov & Sam Levan
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50: Gameshow & Panel
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Monique Lemieux
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Angela Cirrone
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