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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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Conversion Secrets Live

We’ve seen the tightening of marketing budgets end the “growth at all costs” era of company building. Now, the fastest growing B2B companies are shifting their budget and resources from demand generation to conversion. Join us for a live session with two skilled B2B marketers to hear how their proven conversion plays delivered impactful results and get a pipeline playbook for 2023.

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Escaping Cannibalization: PLG with Multiple Funnels

We’ll hear the common fears from different team perspectives and then discuss how we can combat those fears and grow revenue together.

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4 Key Learnings of Product-Led Growth

Prospects have come to expect a highly personalized buyer journey. In a product-led world, sales need to be able to leverage insights from all user activities to make their outreach relevant. We gathered a group of 50+ growth and marketing leaders, for a discussion on how to leverage product data in order to scale your revenue engines. Here are 4 key learnings we shared with our breakout group.

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How PLG is Reshaping the Future of Marketing Ops

We sit down with a panel of MOps leaders to learn how PLG is reshaping marketing ops roles, skillsets, and tech stacks. We also discuss the incredible opportunity for career growth and C-Suite potential this evolution will afford.

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On-Demand Webinars

Are you destroying value in the funnel?

3 out of 4 B2B companies do not have a strict Service Level Agreement process in place that Sales agree with and follow. After working with many different B2B companies, we've cracked a step by step guide on how you can ensure you're delivering value with the leads you bring into the funnel.

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What Sales Actually Thinks of Scoring

Kevin Ellison, both a user and Sales Lead of MadKudu, has seen how lead scores can make or break B2B sales organizations. He shares an unfiltered Sales' perspective of lead scoring, and what marketers can do to build trust with Sales when rolling out lead scores.

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How to Build a Product-Led Growth Funnel

Sam Levan, co-founder of MadKudu has worked with dozens of companies that have built a product-led motion on top of the inbound channel, and has seen both success and failures. Here are the two things Sam recommends you avoid when building your own product-led growth funnel.

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Garrett Erny
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Carissa McCall
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Natasha Selvey
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Marketing Ops Confession Series

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Join us every Thursday to hear critical learnings, unique opinions, and fearless confessions from the top marketing ops leaders in B2B tech.

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