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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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Data Transparency and AI: Your Revenue Co-Pilot

Learn how AI can be a co-pilot on the path towards revenue generation

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Unlocking Product-led Growth with Smart Segmentation

Discover how to scale your PLG strategy through informed funnel segmentation

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How to Use Buyer Insights to Warm Up Accounts

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Revenue Roundtable: Driving Sales and Marketing truth alignment through revenue

Hear from top revenue leaders on how they create a shared language between marketing and sales that increases efficiency.

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Do you really need predictive lead scoring?

On a recent episode of MadFiles, Sam Levan, CEO of MadKudu, dispels the myth that everyone needs predictive lead scoring, and tells you when (and how!) it can truly be impactful for you to generate more Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) in your pipeline.

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