Building Successful PLG: A Playbook for CMOs

As a leader at a Product-Led Growth company, it's your responsibility to translate data into insights. A key piece of developing that data strategy is artificial intelligence (AI). But, when and how should you use it?

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How to Scale Your PLG Strategy with an Account-Centric Approach

If you want to scale your PLG funnel, it's important to understand account dynamics. Once you know everyone involved, you'll be able provide the right message to the right person at the right time. Listen in to learn more on taking an account-centric approach.

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Data Science & AI: Moving Beyond the Buzz

As a marketing leader at a PLG company, it is your responsibility to translate data into insights. But, with high volumes of often disparate data and buzz around AI and data science, where and how do you get started? Join us as Francis Brero, Co-Founder and CPO at MadKudu, and Ramli John, Director of Training at ProductLed, share why having a data strategy is a requirement for modern PLG marketers and how to get started.

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Leading with Data: CMO Panel Event

Most CMOs do not have a strategy for how critical data should be used in their go-to-market efforts. In some cases, conversations around data actionability are happening without them in the room. Why should CMOs be leading these conversations and what have the successful ones done to earn a seat at the data table? Join us for a live conversation with seasoned CMOs on March 9 at 1pm PT.

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Do you really need predictive lead scoring?

On a recent episode of MadFiles, Sam Levan, CEO of MadKudu, dispels the myth that everyone needs predictive lead scoring, and tells you when (and how!) it can truly be impactful for you to generate more Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) in your pipeline.

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Sasha Samoilov & Sam Levan
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50: Gameshow & Panel
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Monique Lemieux
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Angela Cirrone
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