How PLG is Reshaping the future of Marketing ops

We sat down with a panel of MOPs leaders to learn how PLG is reshaping marketing ops roles, skillsets and tech stacks. Plus hear firsthand from a PLG-focused marketing ops manager, Peter Kirk of Lucid, who shares how he navigated building a complex product-led funnel.

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4 Key Learnings of Product-Led Growth

Prospects have come to expect a highly personalized buyer journey. In a product-led world, sales need to be able to leverage insights from all user activities to make their outreach relevant. We gathered a group of 50+ growth and marketing leaders, for a discussion on how to leverage product data in order to scale your revenue engines. Here are 4 key learnings we shared with our breakout group.

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Users, Buyers, and Accounts: The Heart of Scaling Product-Led Growth

Scaling your PLG funnel and moving beyond reliance on inbound hand-raisers requires a deep understanding of account dynamics. In an enterprise PLG motion, one signup doesn’t tell the whole story. You need a strong understanding of the different players involved to provide the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Leading with Data: CMO Panel Event

Most CMOs do not have a strategy for how critical data should be used in their go-to-market efforts. In some cases, conversations around data actionability are happening without them in the room. Why should CMOs be leading these conversations and what have the successful ones done to earn a seat at the data table? Join us for a live conversation with seasoned CMOs on March 9 at 1pm PT.

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Do you really need predictive lead scoring?

On a recent episode of MadFiles, Sam Levan, CEO of MadKudu, dispels the myth that everyone needs predictive lead scoring, and tells you when (and how!) it can truly be impactful for you to generate more Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) in your pipeline.

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Natasha Selvey
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