MadKudu For Zapier.

Automated Intelligence.

Zapier brings the automation and MadKudu brings the intelligence. Determine the best experience you should offer for each prospect across the entire buyer journey in seconds.

MadKudu for Zapier - Zapier brings the automation, MadKudu the intelligence | Product Hunt Embed

"When my favorite API meets my favorite spreadsheet, magic happens"

Guillaume Cabane
VP of Growth at Drift



Fast-lane your best prospects from your webinar

Qualify webinar leads and send them to Sales to prioritize the good-fit registrants and send them a tailored outreach message


Fast-Lane Your Best Prospects from your Landing Page

Automatically send relevant email campaigns to your best leads from a form fill on your website


Fast-Lane Your Best Prospects From Your Inbound Channel

Create leads from any inbound lead source in your CRM platform and assign them with a score for your Sales team to prioritize on

Connect with +1500 Apps

Zapier allows you to instantly connect MadKudu with +1,500 apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

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