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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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Predictive Intelligence for B2B Revenue Marketers

Be a step ahead of the competition by leveraging MadKudu to predict which leads will convert and the value they will bring to your business. All the answers are in your data; MadKudu knows how to uncover them.
what's MadKudu?

A complete solution to predict, automate, and measure your marketing

MadKudu's core engine

Predictive Marketing Technology That Works For You

Connect all of your data to understand the optimal buyer journey →  the key activation points and magic mix of marketing, sales, and product activities that deliver the perfect paying customer for each of your buying segments. 

With this data, Madkudu’s predictive engine develops a custom lead scoring and predictive revenue model for your business.

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Value-Based Automation

A Truly Customized Buyer Journey… At Scale

Leverage your predicted lead score and value to deliver an automated and personalized buying experience that is optimized for your best fit leads, while driving down customer acquisition cost (CAC) in the process. Possibilities for value-based customization and automation are endless - from website personalization to sales prioritization to website chatbots.

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MadKudu Insights

Turn Data Into Insights; Insights Into Revenue

Measuring and assessing your marketing performance has never been more important. MadKudu makes it easy with smart and actionable insights with our user-friendly interface. Know exactly which channels are driving your highest value leads, which are underperforming, and where you should reallocate marketing dollars… before it is too late.

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