Unlock Multi-Threading Power with Our new Contact Discovery Feature

Unlock Multi-Threading Power with Our new Contact Discovery Feature

Selling in the B2B tech space is harder than ever, especially because the typical buying committee has tripled in size.

It’s not enough to convince your end user or champion to buy.

Sellers need to loop in all relevant stakeholders. All while generating new pipeline, keeping open deals alive, and hitting quota before end of quarter.

Our new feature allows sellers to put these tedious parts of sales on autopilot, and focus on creating genuine relationships with buyers.

Introducing Contact Discovery

Contact discovery make multi-threading into target accounts very easy:

  • MadKudu integrates directly with contact databases like Apollo and ZoomInfo
  • Our AI identifies the best contacts to engage with based on your past opportunities
  • Sellers can add those contacts to Salesforce or your sequencing tool in 1 click

10x your sellers productivity

Here’s how reps are using Contact Discovery to power their workflows:

  • Multi-thread within target accounts: Identify and reach out to net new contacts to strengthen existing deals and nurture potential future champions.
  • Break into accounts visiting your website: Not only can you connect with the site visitor, you can also find the best contacts within the account to reach out to.
  • Move upmarket to land bigger deals:  ****Sellers ****need to establish executive relationships to close enterprise deals. Contact discovery helps you find the best execs to reach out to.
  • Improve sales workflows - Run end-to-end signal-based plays — from identifying accounts to go after to finding the right people to talk to. All without switching tabs.

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