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How should marketing operations professionals be measured? 

It’s often not as clear how to measure the success of marketing ops for other functions like demand gen, where the output (MQLs generated, for example) is easier to define.

We talked with some leaders in the space and got their thoughts.

Jeff Ignacio, Sales Operations Lead, West at AWS, shared his advice on how CMOs should measure their MOPs teams. 

He advises CMOs measure MOPs on three core components:

  1. The ability to deliver on projects
  2. The capability to execute projects on time and under budget
  3. SLAs around campaign launches: Campaigns can be proactive or reactive. You need to be a great partner around servicing both proactive and reactive campaigns. Campaign execution can be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Drew Noel, Head of Professional Services at MadKudu, shared the three core metrics he believes CMO should use to measure MOPs professionals. 

  1. The number of reports run/refreshed per week per capita within your company or division is critical to understanding the ultimate output of ops which is data provided via a process that supports decision making. How are people in the company using the reports you've built and are fed by the data and processes behind them - how often is the report refreshed? If the report is being run, refreshed, or exported often, it’s likely being utilized.
  2. Organizational efficiency: Being able to do more marketing with fewer people and faster is core to the role of marketing ops. Efficiency can be measured by taking topline revenue and dividing it by marketing personnel count.
  3. Continually increased return on marketing investment, including technology and data supply chain hard costs as well as project and time-related soft costs.

We also took a look at what the analysts are saying. Gartner reports similar KPIs for evaluating the success of marketing ops, focusing on work efficiency and utilization of marketing technology. 

Overall, increasing efficiency is core to the marketing ops role. Successful marketing ops professionals create efficiencies for internal stakeholders by executing projects on time, generating relevant and valuable reports, and creating ways to do more marketing with fewer resources.

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