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Reporting Structure 

The Great Debate

Congrats, you got the job! Now, where are you going to report in the organization? 

While many job functions have a clear reporting structure, marketing ops is not one of them. There are varying opinions on MOPs reporting structure with advocates for marketing, revenue operations, and business operations. We surveyed over 60 marketing ops community members, and 56% of respondents believe that marketing ops should report to marketing, 15% to business operations, and 29% to revenue operations. 

We talked to leaders in the space and got their thoughts on where marketing ops should report. Interestingly enough, they seemed to have a different perspective than the poll results, with everyone advocating for marketing ops reporting to rev ops for a more holistic operations function.

Actual Reporting Structures

We also talked with companies in the B2B tech space to get their actual org charts, and here’s what we found.

As you can see, marketing ops reporting structure varies widely from company to company. It often depends on the organization’s needs, who is hired first, and how the organization views operations as a whole. We’ve seen MOPs professionals reporting to Biz Ops, marketing, GTM operations, and more. 

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