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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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Predictive Scoring

How to Set Up Lead Scoring in Marketo

Learn how to set up lead scoring in Marketo and why MadKudu is the go-to choice for scaling your lead scoring process

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HubSpot Lead Scoring 101 - Step by Step Guide

See how to set up lead scoring in HubSpot, and learn how MadKudu can take your lead scoring to the next level

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How to be a True Revenue Marketer: Moving from MQLs to Revenue Goals

Great marketers believe their team should be accountable for revenue. While it's hard to operationalize, it is possible, and we’re seeing some of the most effective revenue teams do it with the right support.

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From Registration to Revenue: How to Get the Most Out of Your Events

We’re all feeling it, in-person events are back. Even with budgets and capacity shrinking lots of businesses are seeing value in being where their target customers are, in real life. The question everyone is asking is, are events worth the large investment?

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One Lead Score, to Rule Them All?

While using one lead grade may work for some companies, it typically ignores the critical nuances necessary to drive the right business outcomes. Read more to learn why having separate behavioral and demographic scores better supports the complexities of most B2B organizations.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Why Your Lead Scoring Is Holding You Back

Lead scoring is foundational to any personalized marketing program but often falls short due to data challenges. It is also time-consuming, costly, and inflexible to the changing needs of your business. Learn how to implement lead scoring and gain sales adoption in just a few weeks, rather than months.

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