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'Funnel by Leadsource' insights report configuration guide

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If you are interested in an insights report and want one configured you are in the right place! This document serves as a way to help configure your insights report and ensure you have the right CRM setup and fields to be eligible for a report.

Don't have an active insights report? Feel free to head over to the app and request an insights report and we will get back to you shortly.

Note: The 'a_' prefix before everything is just a MadKudu internal naming convention. If you see an 'a_' keep it when replacing with your value.

Funnel by Leadsource

The 'Funnel by Lead Source' report aims to give you a deeper dive into whether there are any major trend changes in your main marketing metrics over the past 6 months in terms of funnel metrics or lead source.

CRM Supported: Salesforce


Variables Required for Configuration

There are a few variables used in the report that are required for configuration:


This field uses the default lead source field from Salesforce. Typically this doesn't need to be changed - but if you use something other than the default 'lead source' field for your leads you must change it to that.


The limit on the number of lead sources that display in the report.


The field in your Salesforce that denotes whether a lead has been MQL-ed. (A 'Date' type field)

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